What’s New

We are very excited to announce our new FIPA Centre in Kunda, (Amer/Jaipur/Rajasthan).

As a consequence of the extremely successful British summer tour of two productions, Floriferocity and The Potion with Rajasthan folk artists, FIPA Centre was set up in November 2015. The base has been established to further the exploration and development of a modern Indo-Anglo style of performance that infuses vibrant Indian culture with the cool characteristics of British performance. FIPA Centre creates new productions for India, international tours and also holds workshop sessions, residencies and cultural exchanges between India, the UK and other countries.

‘The Phantom Queen’ is currently being developed. It reimagines why Bhangarh in Rajasthan is the most haunted place in India, a village of historical ruins where it is legally prohibited for anyone to enter between sunset and sunrise.