Dark Angels & Fatal Hunt

A double bill of contrasting contemporary dance productions that complement each other in a mirrored reflection of situations. Scenarios of tragic themes are intertwined with compelling elements of pathos and humour.

Dark Angels is the toxic edge of Bollywood presented in an unusual take on the Faustian theme. A film moghul and his protégé encapsulate the fatal glamour of the Hindi film industry whilst Woman anchors their desires.

Fatal Hunt is based on Nobel Laureate Tagore’s work Kalmrigaya. A hunting expedition by King Dasharath goes horribly wrong and sets off the karmic wheel that results in the epic Ramayana.

First Performance 26th November 2009 Rich Mix

Cast 3 dancers

Dance Director Hi Ching with improvised choreography by dancers

Music / Vocals Pre-recorded composition by Hi Ching with the vocals of Ni Madé Pujawati, Ash Mukherjee and Cid Shaha

Running Time 36 mins and 24 mins