This fiercely dramatic piece is an epic poem of rebellion penned by Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam The poet plunges through an immortal canvas of contrasting moods in waves of experiences, shades and nuances. Dancers bring to life the intensive imagery of the piece as it erupts and ebbs.  Every performance is different as the artists improvise their journeys. The performance is in Bengali and English. The piece is designed to be flexible and participatory for any number of principal performers from 3 – 5 and/or 15 – 25 community participants depending on the venue or site.

First Performance 14th July 2007 ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ Brady Arts Centre

Cast 3 – 5 dancers with the option of 15 – 25 community participants

Dance Director Hi Ching with improvised choreography by dancers

Music / Vocals Pre-recorded with Dr. Ananda Gupta, Tanusree Guha

Running Time 60 mins