Nature’s Icons

Nature’s Icons is a stilt dance piece vividly displaying the battle of Mahisha against Durga from the Hindu myth. The piece comprises five sections – the havoc caused by Mahisha and the appearance of Durga, Mahisha’s attempt to defeat Durga through three changing forms and ending with Durga’s final victory. Appearing in the production are four animal spirits – the Swan, Owl, Rat and Peacock.

First Performance 18th July 2010 Southampton Mela

Cast 6 performers

Dance Director Hi Ching with improvised choreography by performers

Music / Vocals Pre-recorded composition in a mix of South Asian digital and acoustic instruments by Hi Ching, Pandit Biplab Mondal, Mebhoob Nadeem, Bhavani Shankar, Jyotsna Shrikant.

Running Time 20 mins