FIPA’s exciting speciality in its repertory is a number of distinctive full length Tagore dance-operas. These are performed using an accessible mix of the original languages and English. Also in repertory is the challenging modernism of the company represented by FIPA’s highly creative inspirational contemporary British South Asian pieces. In addition, FIPA offers bold solo works that range from a diversity of Indian classical styles to innovative solo work.

Fatal Hunt (Kalmrigaya) – Tagore

This early work by Tagore is based on a scene from the Ramayana. Ram’s father, King Dasharath, recalls how a blind sage cursed him and predicted the tragic fate that precipitates the great epic. Although there is a clear narrative, the work is not written in a dramatic format but more as a poetic statement of each character’s mental and emotional state as the story unfolds with a Chorus of forest gods and goddesses commenting on the action. Charmed by Victorian Parlour Songs, Tagore used the melodies of seven of these songs in his work.

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Tasher Desh – Tagore

Tasher Desh is one of Tagore’s most famous dance operas, a unique genre he developed that was influenced by Western opera. It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is a satire on the rigidity of the class systems of the British Raj and India. Tagore scripted and composed melodies of the piece which was first performed in Kolkata in 1923. FIPA will be producing the third and final version of the work shown in 1938.

An Indian Prince, frustrated by his restricted life in his palace, goes in search of discovery accompanied by his less adventurous friend the Merchant. They are shipwrecked on the Land of Cards where all the inhabitants are cards that abide by the strictest of rules. The Prince challenges their inflexible existence and attempts to lead them towards the road of spontaneity. Gradually they yield to his charismatic charm and reveal the humanity of their souls.

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Cast 10 dancers

Choreography Hi Ching, Cid Shaha. Ash Mukherjee, Ni Made Pujawati, Indrani Datta

Musical Direction Dr. Ananda Gupta

Musicians / Narrators
Option 1 — specially pre-recorded music and narration
Option 2 — 2 live narrators with pre-recorded music
Option 3— up to 2 live narrators with 4 singers and 6 musicians

Running Time 2 hours


Shapmochan (Curse Redemption) – Tagore

This timeless dance-opera was one of Tagore’s later works. It is a story of the realisation of true love through separation, suffering and sorrow. Love tormented by desire is banished from love’s paradise and what is beautiful in its heavenly form turns ugly in its earthly one.

Based on a Buddhist story, Sourosen, Indra’s in court musician Heaven is banished along with his beloved Madhusree. They are both reborn on earth as the disfigured king Aruneshwar and the beautiful princess Kamalika. They are brought together and separated as the CURSE casts its spell. When they finally realise that beauty is skin deep and true love dwells in the deepest corners of one’s heart, they are reunited. The CURSE lifts. Love and harmony is restored.

First performance 28th July 2007 ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ Brady Arts Centre

Cast 7 to 9 dancers

Choreography Hi Ching, Indrani Datta, Cid Shaha

Musical Direction Dr. Ananda Gupta and Pandit Biplab Mondal

Musicians / Narrators
Option 1 — specially pre-recorded music and narration
Option 3 — up to 4 live singer/narrators and 6 musicians

Running Time 2.5 hours

Padavalis of Bhanusingh – Tagore

Padavalis of Bhanusingh: Radha Aur Robi is a soiree examining the evolution of the Vaisnav Padavalis in India and how this influenced the early works of Tagore. These melodies and verses have a universality and resemblance to Sufism. It reflects the different aspects of love as personified by Radha and Krishna, and the subtle nuances embodying Tagore’s personal life. The verses are sung in rare languages such as Maithli and Brajboli in the original north Indian Bandish classical styled pieces.

First performance 4th June 2007 Nehru Centre

Cast 4 to 6 dancers

Choreography Cid Shaha, Indrani Datta

Musical Direction Dr. Ananda Gupta

Musicians / Narrators
Option 1 — specially pre-recorded music and narration
Option 2 — up to 3 live singer/narrators and 6 musicians

Running Time 1 hour

Solos, duets and group (Dance)

Our artists are able to perform in the classical dance forms of Kathak, Bharata Natyam, Manipuri, Odissi and Orissi. Dances can be arranged and choreographed for any performance or event.

Solos, duets and group (Music)

Our singers and musicians offer a wide range of vocal and musical traditions for all kinds of performances and events. Enquiries for any type of classical music performance are welcome.

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