Aims of Academy

FIPA Academy organises the following activities:

  • workshops about the culture of the Indian Subcontinent
  • professional classes for dance training
  • cultural exchange programmes with the Indian Subcontinent to deepen understanding of performing cultural aesthetics
  • performances for students to perform at public events
  • cultural tours


Who will benefit

Workshops (about the culture of the Indian Subcontinent)

For children to adults, and those who wish to engage in the performing arts of this sector at a community level in an accessible enjoyable way.

Professional learning (of dance)

This is targeted at those who which to perform at a semi-professional or professional level. Teachers are graduates from professional performing arts schools, and recognised by organisations such as ISTD (Imperial Society of Dance Teachers) or CAT (Centre for Professional Training).

Cultural exchange programmes (to deepen understanding of Indian performing cultural aesthetics). Courses set up in the Indian Subcontinent with leading teachers and training centres.

Opportunities to perform (professionally at public events)

Students who are of a recognisable level will be invited to perform with the FIPA company of professionals at public engagements.

Cultural tours for individuals and groups to attend inspirational festivals and cultural activities in South Asia.


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