FIPA’s exciting speciality is its stilts dance and also in the repertory there is Contemporary, Classical, Outdoors, Folk, Community, Bollywood and more.

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Images and videos from all the events and projects.

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FIPA Academy organises workshops, professional classes for dance training, cultural exchange programmes, performances for students, and cultural tours.

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Homes for Humanity Charity Performance for Nepal Poster

Homes for Humanity Charity Performance for Nepal

Save the date of the 21st of August for a wonderful programme of performances organised in aid of Homes for Humanity re-building homes of earthquake victims in Nepal. We’ll have a range of spectacular performances, including folk Indian arts/Circus, Prize winning Bharatnatyam performers from Leicester and London, Nepalese Folk Dance and renowned ‘Namlo Band’ performers Ganga Thapa & […]

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Julius Ebreo, Ni Madé Pujawati, Cid Shaha, Graeme Clint (photo Simon Richardson)


Streams & Rings Inspired by the Olympics, this production was created for a UK wide tour in 2012 and is abstract in style. Cast 5 stilt dancers Choreography Hi Ching, Cid Shaha, Ni Made Pujawati Running Time 13 minute outdoor piece Ramayana This is the first and presently, only Ramayana on stilts in the world. […]

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Senjuti Das, Swapnokalpa Roychowdhurt, Ni Madé Pujawati, Photo Mark Hobart


FIPA’s exciting speciality in its repertory is a number of distinctive full length Tagore dance-operas. These are performed using an accessible mix of the original languages and English. Also in repertory is the challenging modernism of the company represented by FIPA’s highly creative inspirational contemporary British South Asian pieces. In addition, FIPA offers bold solo […]

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Ni Madé Pujawati, Cid Shaha, (photo Simon Richardson)


Dark Angels & Fatal Hunt A double bill of contrasting contemporary dance productions that complement each other in a mirrored reflection of situations. Scenarios of tragic themes are intertwined with compelling elements of pathos and humour. Dark Angels is the toxic edge of Bollywood presented in an unusual take on the Faustian theme. A film […]

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We have in our repertory an extensive selection of the more popular folk dances which are an expression of folk culture and seasonal celebrations.These include: Ghumer from Rajastan Gheria Rass from Rajastan Snake Dance from Bangladesh Manjira from Manipuri Holi dance from Maharastra Bhil dance from Orissa Garba and Dandiya from Gujarat Tippani from Saustra […]

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FIPA uses the arts as a catalyst for social and economic growth. We believe that our artists working with the community offers them a wonderful and often rare opportunity for the understanding of focus, commitment, preparation, responsibility and cooperation at a quality exampled by professionals.Our projects are designed with appropriate partners to serve targeted communities […]

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FIPA’s style of Bollywood is urban, dynamic, sharp, and very exciting. Appearances at Melas always draw enthusiastic crowds. Cid Shaha choreographs for Club Asia, the internet radio station, and frequently teaches Bollywood classes at various schools and the Idea Store Whitechapel in Tower Hamlets. The group is also in demand at corporate events.

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